Dopamine decor help refresh the look

What is the ‘dopamine decor’ trend and how can you use it to style your home happy this spring?

The 'dopamine decor' trend is a wonderful way to give your home a much-needed refreshed look for the spring season.

The colors, shapes and hues of this style are sort aesthetically pleasing, cheerful, and uplifting - perfect for introducing warmth into our homes after the colder months!

By adding pops of yellow and green around the home, as well as incorporating cozy textures, we can instantly transform our living spaces to be happy, lively and inviting.

There's no need to go overboard when it comes to this trend - just a few accents here and there will do the trick.

So don't be afraid to use your imagination and introduce some ‘dopamine decor’ vibes into your home this coming spring season!

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