Sleeping with Linen, from washing to storing

Washing Linen

Linen gains strength when it's wet. The more you wash linen, the more clarified its unique texture becomes. Always avoid using bleach and whitening agents when washing linen, as they can damage the fibers and cause discoloring.


Drying Linen

As long as the garment is stretched and smoothed while drying, linen is easy to iron. Linen fibers are hollow and allow moisture and heat to pass through easy; so, linen dries quickly in well-ventilated places.


Ironing Linen

To iron linen, it is recommended to smooth out small creases on the inside before you iron the front. A buffer, such as a pressing cloth, can be placed between the hot iron and the linen garment to prevent flattening them to the point of creating a shine.


Storing Linen

To prevent mold growth, linen is best stored in cool, dry places. To promote air circulation and preserve the integrity of the fabric, steer clear of plastic and wrap your linens in thin paper.


  • Ethel M. Moore


  • Ethel M. Moore