Simple tips for caring your faux fur blanket

Luckily for you, our faux fur blanket is machine washable-- so, you can wash it from the comfort of your own home. To preserve your new, chic blanket, simply follow our step-by-step faux fur washing guide:


  1. Fill the washing machine with cold water and set it to the delicate cycle. Make sure to wash the faux fur blanket separately, with no other clothing items.
  2. Add mild detergent to the water, preferably a product that is specifically usable for delicate fabrics. Because they will ruin the faux fur fabric, make sure you don't use any fabric softeners.
  3. Because faux fur blankets absorb a lot of water, drying the blanket can be a longer process. In most cases, you'll first need to complete two full spin cycles for a faux fur blanket. Afterwards, pull it out and hang it to air dry, preferably under the sun.
  4. After drying, shake it to fluff it and restore its original shape. Do not use excessive drying cycles to get rid of water. Instead, air dry your blanket. Overuse of a machine dryer can ruin the blanket. If you must use a dryer, always use no heat setting, also known as air fluff.


The Don’ts When Taking Care of Faux Fur Blanket

  • Don’t use bleach when washing or spot cleaning your blanket.
  • Don’t iron your blanket.
  • Don’t use any fabric softener.
  • Don’t use your dryer excessively; this is the most common mistake as faux fur blankets absorb a lot of water.


Faux fur is a heavy, elegant blanket that feels and looks luxurious. Keep it that way by providing extra care.