A handy one-stop guide about Oeko-Tex

Oeko-Tex is one of the most well-known names in the world when it comes to product safety and social responsibility. That is why it is critical to understand what Oeko-Tex stands for, what it certifies, and how it differs from other industry standards.


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What exactly is Oeko-Tex?

In response to growing global concerns about product safety, the International Oeko-Tex Association was founded in Switzerland in 1992. Standard 100, the organization's most well-known certification, was created the same year. That label indicates that the product is free of high levels of over 100 hazardous chemicals that are known to be detrimental to humans and the environment.

If a textile item bears the STANDARD 100 designation, you can rest assured that every component of the item, including every thread, button, and other accessory, has been tested for dangerous compounds and is thus safe for human consumption.


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Every year, the criteria for Oeko-Tex Standard 100 are reviewed and modified. The certification standards are universal regardless of country because this is a worldwide standard. Companies who want their items approved can do so on their own initiative. The items are tested by eighteen independent laboratories throughout the world. Manufacturers must re-apply to update their Oeko-Tex certifications after 12 months. Every current Oeko-Tex label's validity can be verified online.


Is Oeko-Tex Certification a Guarantee of being organic?

Oeko-Tex certifies a completed product's safety and "cleanliness" as well as its components. Let's say you buy bed sheets that are Oeko-Tex approved. You can feel confident that no dangerous chemicals were utilized to treat the fabric in that situation. However, Oeko-Tex certification does not always imply that a product is organic.


What Products Can Be Oeko-Tex Certified?

Textile products and their components are certified by the respected International Oeko-Tex Association. Clothes, household textiles such as Oeko-Tex sheets, Oeko-Tex quilt, and Oeko-Tex blankets  are some of the most often used items that can be Oeko-Tex certified.

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Because you use these items on a regular basis, it's critical to invest in bedding that is safe for you and your family. It’s safest to purchase one produced without any toxic substances such as formaldehyde, which manufacturers often use to achieve a wrinkle-free look.


What are the Best Places to Buy Oeko-Tex Certified Bedding?


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Horimote Home has a refreshing collection of the top items when it comes to luxury, high-quality, and Oeko-Tex certified bedding. There are no bleaches or hazardous dyes in the bedding options you'll find there, making them better not only for humans but also for the environment.

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Horimote Home's products have all been approved by Oeko-Tex. Horimote Home has a curated collection of trendy, Oeko-Tex certified options whether you're seeking for comfortable sheets or stunning top-of-bed solutions.